A home for unique handmade quality craft work.

We are a group of contemporary craft workers and artists living mostly in Devon (UK) working with textiles, glass, ceramics, wood, metals, stones, fabrics and paper.

All our products are handmade by us. We add value to raw materials by designing/creating decorative and functional items that simply cannot be found from the mass-produced and imported goods on the high street. We do NOT buy in or sell articles finished by other people.

On this site we will show you pictures of our work, tell you about our members, the events we arrange and give you an opportunity to join us and exhibit at shows. We will also provide contact details for all our members to enable you to discuss with them their work and products.

Our aims are very simple:
1. We wish to publicise and promote our members and the Guild through our website, advertising, identifying ourselves at the shows we attend and through shows or exhibitions run or managed by ourselves.
2. We seek to increase public awareness of standards of excellence available from local crafts men and women.
3. We wish to encourage others of all ages to participate in artisan activities and develop skills and craftsmanship in their chosen field.

We encourage members to exchange information on ideas, suppliers, venues and new ways to help us meet our aims. We are a non profit making organisation. We care for the environment and well being of our communities. Money is often returned as a donation to a local charities.

To find information on membership benefits and a membership application form please CLICK HERE

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