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This quote is at Snowshill in the Cotswold's and was penned by Charles Padget Wade an inveterate collector of hand made items. His collection can still be seen at Snowshill. It ably sums up the Mid Devon Crafts Guild feelings towards each and every item that each member makes:

"What a joy these crafted items are to live with each piece made by the hand of a craftsman. Each has an individuality that no mass production could ever attain".
Guild Membership

The Guild was founded in 1984. Membership is open to all crafts people who make their own finished products whether professionally or as a keen amateur. Basic membership for 2016/17 is only £20 p.a. (pro rata rate for joining during the year). We are a non-profit organisation. We will ask you to come along to one of our meetings and present your work. This gives the members and yourself an opportunity to meet, discuss your work and for you to ask us any questions you may have. Members then vote on an invitation to join us. It may sound a bit formal, but it really is very friendly.

We stay in touch and exchange information on all subjects associated with all aspects of crafting, venues and suppliers through regular meetings in Crediton (Devon). In addition we have two social meetings a year.

If you would like to join us, please down load and complete the application form below and return it to the address indicated:

An Invitation to Apply for Guild Membership


Benefits of Membership

  • General meetings to discuss and exchange information on venues, suppliers, promoting the Guild, reviewing members work (to offer thoughts and ideas), talks and presentations and general business affairs.
  • Meeting prospective new Guild members and their work. May sound daunting but it's all very friendly encouragement.
  • Social meetings. Just to have fun.
  • Use of this website. Tell your visitor about yourself, your craft work, show pictures of your work (as many as you wish), provide contact details, provide links to your social media,  your own website and identify the craft shows where you will be selling your work. Some members are using this site in place of a personal website and saving themselves money.
  • Free plastic bags (various sizes) with the Guild logo (bags are degradable).
  • A current membership certificate to display on your table at a craft show - this says 'quality and craftsmanship' to your customers.
  • A discounted table cost for all craft shows organised by the Guild which we open to non Guild members to exhibit (this includes the Craft Marquee at the Mid Devon Show in July every year).

We've done some arithmetic. See the post 'The Value of Membership Benefits Outweigh the Cost of Membership'