Peters early work, some 40 years ago was influenced by the iconic 20th century potter Bernard Leach, a family friend. Since then he has been on an ever changing journey.

He has enjoyed a reputation for producing “ Raku “, a Japanese inspired form of pottery, involving firing to 1000 c ,transferring to a bin containing sawdust or other inflammable material , then cooling rapidly in water. With a high concentration of Copper oxide present in the glaze Turquoise and flashes of copper are the result. Also a white crackle glaze is used, often as a contrast. Raku pots are not food safe or able to hold liquid.

Peters work is mainly in Stoneware, fired to 1280 c , in an electric kiln (oxidised condition).The glazes he uses are both home produced or purchased from a commercial supplier , depending on what effect he desires. Most of this work is of strong colours, mainly in abstract design, and is functional, i.e. foodsafe, Ovenproof, dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

Recent  work reflects a change in direction , expressing abstract design , using layers  of colour with white as the main glaze. Peter currently works in his studio at home in Exeter, often to the sound of oriental music, and takes his inspiration from the coast of Devon and Cornwall . The Stoneware clay Peter uses is either Scarva Earthstone or Dobles of St. Agnes ,Cornwall ,  fired in an electric kiln , 1280c.

Peters resume:

1960 Apprentice , New Devon Pottery , Newton Abbot Devon

1978-1979 Studio Pottery vocational course Stroud College of Art.

1981-2009 Tutoring adult evening classes and running Raku workshops

1997 Certificate in Further Education , University of Plymouth.

2013-2017  Chairman ,Mid Devon Crafts Guild.